is a team of developers who create web and mobile applications.

We use agile development to find the best solution for each client. We love learning new technologies and strive for speed and efficiency. Our goal is to make each client happy with the results.

Startups love Ruby on Rails because it allows them to construct minimum viable products in weeks rather than months. We love Ruby on Rails because it represents the way we think of building clean products.


The team



Ruby on Rails development

Our expertise includes development of mobile API services and SaaS applications. We can support legacy code, refactor your application or build one from scratch. We use Continuous integration, Code review procedures and TDD in our daily work.

Mobile development

We build native and cross platform applications. For cross-platform we use Ionic and Phonegap backed with Cordova. Also capable of building apps on React Native.



If you'd like to work with us, please send an email to We can set up a quick Skype chat or a call to discuss your requirements.

If you're a developer, drop us a note to find a way to collaborate. We are always open for talented and organized developers to join our team.