Works we are proud of.


is a product helping amazon sellers to follow up with their customers and get positive feedback for their accounts. Me and my team are supporting application, keeping performance up to date with a rapidly growing userbase, implemeting new features on intergration with worldwide amazon sellers Go to website

Mosa Mack Science

is a website providing educational materials for teachers to present their 4-8th grade students in an easy to learn way. We are helping with development of new customer-faced and backend features, integrating with various services and automating business-processes. Go to website


is a service to automate pet caring business. We are supporting web and mobile application that helps in daily operations. Go to website

Option Samurai v1 and v2

Data driven platform dedicated to option trading professionals. We were helping the project with data reporting and filtering. Option Samurai v1 and v2


A community of financial professionals in Boston. We have conducted refactoring of the codebase and developed the number of new features for the social network.

Rotation 4+1

is a tool for automating creation of resident schedules in clinins. We've designed and implemented the the distribution process with feedback that helps identifying conflicts and other issues in a semi-automatic way.

Year out club

is a resource where students can plan how to spend their gap year and choose from the variety of options. We have built a live search and did a number of client-side improvements to the website. Go to website


A tool for creating surveys to be embed to the sites. Created visual live constructor of surveys and functionality for their live preview/test within the app. Set up app deployment process and developed new features as requested.

Gulf Medical

Mobile application that lists services provided by company, it’s suppliers and available products with their descriptions. We created mobile application and backend for data administration allowing synchronization of content between them. Application can work offline after sync. Available in App store and Google Play Market